Peer-reviewed Journal Articles

“The More You Know: Voter Heuristics and the Information Search” (with Rachel Bernhard). Political Behavior, 2020.

“The Importance of Knowing What Goes with What: Reinterpreting the Evidence on Policy Attitude Stability” (with Gabriel S. Lenz and Shad Turney). Journal of Politics 81(1), 2019.

“The Effect of Mandatory Mail Ballot Elections in California” (with Gabrielle Elul and Jake Grumbach). Election Law Journal 16(3), 2017.

Under Review

“Malice and Stupidity: Outgroup Motive Attribution and Affective Polarization”. 

“It’s No Longer the Economy, Stupid: Selective Perception and Attribution of Economic Outcomes”. 

“Political Accountability and Selective Perception in the Time of COVID”. (with Neil O’Brian)