Lecturer (click for syllabi)

Introduction to American Politics (Summer 2018)
Introduction to Political Psychology (Summer 2018)

Graduate Student Instructor

Introduction to American Politics
with Paul Pierson, UC Berkeley (Spring 2014; Spring 2018; Fall 2018)
with Jacob Grumbach, UC Berkeley (Summer 2016; Summer 2017)

Latinos in the US Political System
with Rodney Hero, UC Berkeley (Fall 2016)

Democratic Accountability
with Gabriel Lenz, UC Berkeley (Fall 2015; Spring 2015)

Political Psychology
with Laura Stoker, UC Berkeley (Fall 2013)

Guest Lectures and Presentations

D-Lab (UC Berkeley)
“Introduction to Qualtrics” (April 2017; May 2017; October 2017; April 2018)

Introduction to American Politics, for Jacob Grumbach (UC Berkeley)
“How Voters Think, and Why They Don’t” (July 2016; July 2017)

Experimental Survey Research in Political Science, for Laura Stoker (UC Berkeley)
“Using Qualtrics and M-Turk for Survey Research” (March 2017)

The Modern Campaign, for Meredith Sadin (UC Berkeley)
“Campaign Messaging” (Feb 2017); “Campaign Finance” (April 2017)

Latinos in the US Political System, for Rodney Hero (UC Berkeley)
“Voter Turnout” (Oct 2016); “Understanding the Election” (Nov 2016)



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“Professor Freeder has been one of the most enjoyable lecturers I’ve had during my entire college career. Each class has been concise and informative, and manages to expertly thread a neutral position throughout a polarized subject.”

“Sean was an absolute stand-out TA in a school where fantastic TAs are everywhere.”

“Sean is very patient and kind…if someone answers something wrong, he respectfully guides them towards the right direction.”

“Sean is probably the smartest TA I’ve ever had. His intense passion and incredible knowledge of the material makes him easy to understand and respect.”

“Sean made me feel very comfortable approaching him. One of my favorite TAs!”

“Sean is extremely friendly and is always aware of the extent of knowledge the discussion section has in regards to the topics we are reviewing…one of the best discussion section leaders I’ve had.”

“Most enthusiastic TA I’ve had; I looked forward to coming to his class. I actually learned more in his discussion than in lecture.”

“Sean is the best. He went over and beyond for us students…if someone asked him a question he would come back next week a full expert on the subject and be able to put on a full presentation.”

“It was a pleasure to engage with Sean. As a student with anxiety, overcommunicating helps relieve pressure and Sean was A+ providing support for my needs.”

Teaching Materials

I am particularly passionate about helping my undergraduate students become stronger writers and researchers in the social sciences and beyond. To this end, I occasionally author reference materials for students, a sample of which I offer below:

Writing an argumentative political science paper

Introduction to using Qualtrics for social science research